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In no other business will you find the array of fitness and wellness services that we offer here in a single location. We have built a community of professionals who can address nearly all aspects of your health.


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Personal Training

1 Hour or 30 Minutes
1 Hour: From $75 30 Minutes: From $60

We are proud of our reputation for excellence in personal training. What are your goals? Add muscle and lose fat? Rehab after surgery? Train for your sport? Play with your grandchildren? We can help you get there.

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Health & Wellness Coaching

Various Options Available

Partner with a Board-Certified Health Coach to assist you in achieving your optimal health potential. Reach your personal goals and build sustainable habits with the unique experience of coaching support and collaboration. Individual and group options available.

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Therapeutic Massage

1 Hour
From $125

The delightful relaxation and significant health benefits of massage are available to both members and non-members. Each session is preceded by a discussion with your therapist to determine how best to treat you. Our Premium Wellness membership includes a monthly classic Swedish massage.

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Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutrition

1 Hour or 30 Minutes
1 Hour: From $80 30 Minutes: From $60

An RD is the go-to if you are looking to improve your diet for health-related reasons, or to lose weight. Exercise can keep you from gaining weight, but unless you go running every day, you won't lose weight without making changes in your diet. We have a registered dietitian who can create meal plans for you, to address both health concerns and weight loss, as well as a personal trainer with a master's degree in holistic nutrition, who is qualified to offer advice for improving your diet to get the results you want.

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partners housed at trainer's club

MovementX Physical Therapy

MovementX physical therapists work with people of all ages and abilities. We specialize in the treatment of orthopedic pain, pelvic health conditions, neurological disorders, post-surgical recovery, and sports injuries.

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A Body in Motion Chiropractic

Chiropractic care with focused rehabilitation is a proven way to help optimize recovery from injuries and reduce the likelihood of relapse. That's why, in addition to treatments by Dr. Tim, your care will include targeted rehabilitative exercises.

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Lake Oswego Pilates

Lake Oswego Pilates focuses on the classical exercises of Joseph Pilates, which promote greater spine and joint flexibility, better breathing and circulation, a stronger core, improved posture and balance, and a release of stress for better focus and concentration.

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